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Roaming in Uganda

MTN International Roaming

Being in constant touch globally is now an absolute necessity. International roaming with MTN keeps you in touch and connected with your contacts in Uganda and around the world. MTN has international roaming agreements with over 287 GSM operators in 134 countries.

MTN customers can take their MTN number when they travel abroad and keep connected to contacts both at home in Uganda and rest of the world. International Roaming is available to all MTN Mobile customers.

In most countries MTN offers roaming with more than one partner.

Get to know about our worldwide network coverage, click below:

Get the extended MTN experience while roaming in Southern Africa with the MTN One World connection, learn more

We also offer preferential rates to our customers roaming in East Africa through partners in KENYA, TANZANIA and RWANDA with MTN Home & Away

Before you travel
  • Confirm that your destination country has a network with a roaming agreement with MTN Uganda and your account is activated; see our Roaming Partners  
  • Remember your phone charger and travel adapter, as may differ.
  • Know you can access your VoicEmail online from this website, under My MTN.
  • PayAsYouGo customers may need to load or carry sufficient airtime credit to last your roaming duration.*

PayAsYouGo customers
Your account is preset active to allow for roaming services. So unless your phone has been barred from roaming and provided you have sufficient airtime, you can set off on your travels without fuss.
Pay Monthly customers
International roaming is automatically activated upon crossing into any one of the MTN network partner global territory, as long as you have pre-approved for roaming services activation before traveling; You will need to send us a formal letter of approval to activate your MTN line for roaming services, with a refundable deposit payment of UGX 360,000

On arrival
  • Switch on your phone and automatically an approved network will be selected.
  • If this does not happen automatically, choose to search manually on your phone by selecting "settings", then "phone settings" followed by "network selection", then "Manual selection". You will receive a choice of networks – select an approved network; see your handset manual as handsets differ. 

For PayAsYouGo roaming rates Click here
Note: * Exception to those traveling in South and Eastern African (SEA) region and MTN One World