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Roaming in Uganda

Roaming in Uganda

Advice for people visiting and roaming in Uganda
On traveling to Uganda, you can roam with MTN the leading mobile operator in Uganda and has agreements with over 287 GSM network operators in 134 countries. So visiting our country means that there’s no reason why you can’t stay connected to your loved ones back home whilst simply making use of your existing cell phone and number to make and receive calls and text messages. Our network already covers 80% of our population - that’s including all major cities, towns and roads.

Before you travel
  • Confirm that your network has a roaming agreement with MTN Uganda and your account is activated.
  • Check to see that your phone will work on our 900/1800 MHz network.
  • Remember your phone charger and travel adapter. We use 220 volts.
  • Ensure that your voicemail box has been setup for remote access.
  • If you are a PayAsYouGo customer you may need to load or carry sufficient airtime credit to last your roaming duration.*
On arrival
  • On switching on your phone here it will automatically select a network.
  • If this does not happen automatically choose to search manually on your phone by selecting "settings", then "phone settings" followed by "network selection", then choose “Manual selection”. You will receive a choice of Ugandan networks – select MTN UGANDA or 641-10 if codes are displayed instead.**
  • Making international calls remember to dial the international prefix + and the country code before the desired number e.g. to call UK number: 0208123456 dial +44208123456
  • Making domestic calls (to Ugandan numbers) you don't need to insert the international prefix "+" or a country code. e.g to call an MTN number just dial 0772123456
* Exception to those originating from within Eastern and Southern Africa, see MTN Home & Away and MTN One World 
** Note: Navigation steps may differ on some handsets. 
In case you need assistance while in Uganda contact us or contact your home network operator.