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MTN Fax2Email

MTN Fax2Email is a service which enables incoming Faxes be delivered to a designated Email address. To put it simply, receive faxes through Email. Each Email address registered is assigned a unique virtual Fax number and all Faxes sent to this number will be delivered to the recipient Email Inbox.
MTN Fax2Email technology combines the functionality of a fax with the speed and confidentiality of Email.

Use of Fax2Email reduces faxing & printing carbon foot print by 50%

  • Improved Delivery Receive multi-page documents instantly, with better print quality.
  • Mobile Send and receive Faxes wherever you are.
  • Convenient No more engaged phone lines or queues for the Fax Machine.
  • Cheap No extra hardware or software to install or purchase.
  • Save Money Reduce on office expenses, line rentals & equipment maintenance.
  • Privacy Guaranteed confidentiality direct to inbox.
  • Reliable Always online, never busy or out of paper.
  • FREE No connection or subscription fees and receive Faxes at zero cost.
How to
Each Fax2Email subscriber is issued a FREE unique non-geographical Fax2Email number when you sign up for the service e.g. 090xxxxxxx. This number is then mapped to your provided Email address(s) in the Fax server.
  • Sender dials the non-geographic number which terminates on the fax server
  • Image is emailed to the email address linked to allocated number
  • User receives an email with an attachment in PDF format
  • Attachments are generally between 20kB to 100kB with an average of 20kB per page; dependent on the image density
Sign Up
Visit any MTN Customer Centre and request for a FREE Fax2Email number.
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