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MTN Mobile Office

MTN Mobile Office consists of a mobile handset integrated with standard mail server software at the customer’s premises that enables users to access a range of data and communication services. MTN mobile office is made possible by “always on” connectivity on the high speed MTN network of up to 7.2 Mbps and sychronisation through Microsoft “push” technology.
MTN Mobile Office provides more flexibility as to which handset you can use to stay connected to your work environment on the go. The service works with several “smart” mobile phones from major handset vendors.
MTN Mobile Office enables direct “push” synchronisation of your email, calendar, contacts & attachments – all these are pushed through in real time, enabling you to continue working while on the go; Reply to urgent messages, accept meeting requests, update contacts and conveniently access your critical data anytime, anywhere!
It works seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange servers, all you need is to have an internet accessible mobile phone.
Given the dynamic business environment, being able to communicate quickly and effectively is critical for your business. MTN mobile Office keeps you in touch making your phone double as your office as well.
Note: You may require a subscription to the MTN Mobile Internet service to have access to Mobile Office on the go. 
  • Accessibility Always on 24-7, no matter where you may be.
  • Flexibility Available to PayAsYouGo or Pay Monthly mobile customers and offering smart-phone options not handset specific.
  • Value for Money At monthly flat rates guaranteeing predictable expenditure and at preferential rates on MTN Home & Away, keeping you connected to the office while you travel.
  • Secure Unique singular data processing through company approved APN technology.

For more information and inquires regarding MTN Mobile office, contact our Sales team on 0312 120 066 or 0312 120 060