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MTN Toll-Free Services

This is a suite of voice and SMS services that offers Organisations & Businesses customer relationship management (CRM) tools to enhance interactions with their customers.
All incoming calls or texts are free to the sender (customer) as costs are reversed to the recipient (organisation). MTN Toll Free Services offer you an unrivalled opportunity to differentiate your organisation with customer centric services. One, quickly recognised FREE call, number with the prefix 0800 can be used for both voice & SMS services. Preferred numbers are available.
MTN Toll Free Voice allows customers to make cost-free telephone calls to the business head office. The organisation pays for all incoming calls from all local networks. Make your response rates faster with MTN Toll Free voice service while keeping your customers satisfied with round-the-clock access.
MTN Free SMS enables mobile users to send free messages to an organisation. The service works on a ‘receiver pays’ basis where the organisation/company pays for the texts received from MTN prepaid & postpaid numbers.
  • Value for money Enjoy preferential rates on all incoming calls and SMS to the MTN Toll Free line.
  • Convenience Customers will be drawn to ease of access to delivery and avenue for customer pull.
  • Customer Retention Improved satisfaction with more interaction, competition advantage and aiding loyalty.
  • Market feedback In-house tool to provide first hand feedback from your customers.
Ideal for
  • Utility service companies: Water, PayTV, Electricity
  • Government Bodies
  • NGOs & Voluntary Organs
  • Marketing & Promotion Agencies
  • Media houses & Content Providers
  • Emergency & Security Service Organs
SMS requirements
  • Public IP Access – FREE from MTN
  • SMSC Gateway Software*
  • Dedicated Leased Line 64kbps to 128kbps
  • Information Server*
  • SMPP one-off Connection fee of UGX 1 million

How to

Contact our Sales team on 0312 120 066 or 312 120 060

  • You can select your unique toll free number
  • International inbound calls not permissible currently
  • Calls or SMS to the toll free lines cannot be forwarded outside the organisation
  • A deposit of UGX 500,000 is required
  • All other toll free business rules, terms & conditions apply.
  • SMS services limited to MTN numbers only.


* Not supplied by MTN.