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MTN Business SME Training

The MTN Business Training is a Business Skills training programme for Small and Medium Enterprises, who we categorize under the SME Business segment. It aims at empowering SMEs with the knowledge and skills required to run successful and sustainable businesses. We support the growth of small businesses because we believe they are key drivers of economic growth in the country.

The programme has been running for three years, and originally covered about 100 SMEs per year. Starting last year, it was regionalized to provide opportunity for more SMEs to access the training services, and extend the benefit to regions in alignment with MTN’s current regional structure. Training for the Northern and Western regions took place in November and December 2013 respectively.  This year, we will cover the Central and Eastern regions.

Training Modules
In general, course modules will include the following subject material;
•    Internal Controls
•    Value Creation and Preservation
•    Working Capital Management
•    Business Taxation
•    Using the Internet to Grow Your Business
  • Free business training in specific areas affecting your business
  • Opportunity to interact with, market/cross-sell to fellow business owners & managers
  • Information and experience with telecommunication solutions beneficial to your business operations
  • Exposure to best business practices, expert advice on business management & operations

Training Location and Dates

Eastern Region: Mbale Resort Hotel, 5th June 2014, 8.00am – 5.00pm

Central Region: Sheraton Kampala Hotel, 18th July 2014, 8.00am – 5.00pm

Application Process
Interested parties are required to apply for the training. All applications will be vetted by our partners Summit Consulting Ltd, before being confirmed for attendance. Summit Consulting will also carry out the training, and post training evaluation. 

Application forms are available at the MTN Service Centre in Jinja and MTN Dealer shops in Mbale, Soroti, Tororo and Busia for the Eastern Region training, and at MTN Customer Service Centres in Kampala for the Central Region training. You can also download the form here or register
through our training partners.

Return the completed forms to any of the service centres or dealer shops indicated above, or email it to, with MTN Business Training in the subject line.

Application deadline is 21st May 2014 for the Eastern Region, and 3rd July 2014 for the Central Region.

For more information, contact us on, or through our partners on 0312 517236.

Download Application Form 

Return the completed form to any of the premises indicated or via email:

For more information, please contact us on either the email or telephone: 0312 517236