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BlackBerry® from MTN

Work anywhere with the smartphone that lets you access your office on the go.


A BlackBerry® is a wireless communication tool designed especially for mobile professionals. Not only does it offer
cell phone communication functionality, but it provides automatic delivery of your email, regardless of account type, making it possible to read, forward, reply and delete emails, including attachments. In addition to the above
features, it allows you to manage your contacts and calendar, making it a full personal assistant in handset form.

BlackBerry® offers enhanced security features to protect confidential company data from the risk of lost or stolen
devices. You can perform a remote wipe on any device should it be necessary.

  • Leading Technology - BlackBerry® offers a wide range of easy to use top of the range handsets
  • Reliability - Constant, safe access to all of your email accounts, in-office information and exchange server
  • Increased Productivity - Enhanced mobility and convenience
  • Customer Confidence - Be always available whether in or out of the office
  • Push email
  • Calendar & contacts synchronization
  • Unparalleled security