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MTN HotSpot

  • Flexibility. Access the device anywhere with MTN HotSpot coverage.
  • Convenience. You can top up your account using the internet or your phone 
  • The service is affordable. 
  • Secure; Access to the service and your account is by a password
  • To access the service activate WiFi and select MTN HotSpot
  • Service is available for MTN and non MTN customers 
  • Customers upon sign up should purchase a bundle of their choice.
  • Customers in some areas will need a WiFi booster to get additional signal strength.
How to use MTN HotSPot
  1. Activate (Turn on) the WiFi on your device.
  2. Select MTN HotSpot

    Once you successfully log onto the MTN HotSpot open your internet browser. The MTN HotSpot selfcare portal will open giving you a number of options as detailed below.

  3. For a first time customer - sign up for the service. Select MTN Sign up or Visitor sign up depending on if you are an MTN or non MTN customer  and enter the details as indicated.
  4. For an existing customer - manage your account i.e. check your account information,  account balance and top up your account. Select MTN Services or Visitor services depending 
  5. You can log onto the internet using your number and password.
NOTE: To access the MTN HotSpot Portal you need to be in an area with MTN HotSpot coverage.