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The MTN Data Centre will offer colocation facilities. This is where a private company owns the hardware, but rents space in a data centre (or colocation facility) for Internet connectivity and networking.

  • Reduced bandwidth cost and higher speeds
  • Power outage protection
  • Control over the equipment & software, for example during upgrades
  • Secured environment
Save your business space and money with server co-location

Private companies can now rent space in the MTN Data Centre (or associated facility) where their servers and IT infrastructure can be located.

 Billable items (Floor/Rack Space)  No. of U's  Monthly Fee (UShs)
 1U  1 500,000
 1/2 Rack  22 9,000,000
 Full Rack  43 17,000,000
 Floor Space (up to Full Rack)   16,000,000

Standard set-up fee 750,000/-

Monthly costs are based on rack and floor space.

For more information,please contact your Account Manager, call 0313 121 121, or email