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Hosted PABX is a hosted telephony solution, allowing you to communicate with your clients 24/7. This service
comprises of a combination of best-in-class technologies, combining voice and data technology, to deliver
innovative telephony to businesses over an Internet Protocol (IP) system.

It is subject to strict controls to ensure high levels of availability and reliability, including advanced security
measures, and a consistently controlled and monitored environment to ensure the optimum performance
of the infrastructure.

  • Limited infrastructure investment - As the system will be hosted by MTN, your business will only invest in IP handsets and optional voice gateway equipment
  • Improved efficiency - By combining data and voice technologies, your business will enjoy lower operating costs and increased efficiency in the work place
  • Availability - hosted in a secure environment that has constant system monitoring for availability, reliability and performance
  • Scalability - scalable in to suit any business size across any number of locations
  • Management - Users and services management can be quickly configured and implemented through an easyto-use interface
  • Innovative and future-proof technology – designed to grow with new technologies and applications
  • Businesses will be able to keep their existing telephone numbers
  • Hosted by MTN
  • Supplementary service - Group Pick up, Dual Ringing, Line Hunting, Open Hour Support, Auto Attendant, Call Queuing, Call Forwarding, Call Hold, Call Transfer, Auto Attendant Service, Night Service/ Open Hour Support.