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MTN Internet Bandwidth

As a total telecommunications provider, MTN provides a “one-stop shop” offering a comprehensive range of products and services supporting business efficiency and productivity, keeping you and your team in touch with what matters most. MTN Internet Bandwidth guarantees the corporate market dedicated, unlimited and direct connection to the internet, tailor-made to suit your specific requirements; offering bandwidth ranging from 128Kb to anything in excess of 10Mb.
The dedicated bandwidth provides assured high speeds and capacity for network traffic. It is under no circumstances shared with other users. Customized configurations are available if requirement is different from the default; a 2 down: 1 up asymmetric or 1 down: 1 up symmetric service that is particularly suitable for linkage to company local area networks (LANs) and office environments that need access to the internet. MTN Internet is the vehicle providing a comprehensive set of internet bandwidth, email, domain services and web hosting solutions.
MTN as your internet service provider offers you reliable high speed access and electronic communication solutions based on WiMAX and Fiber-Optic technologies. MTN Internet Bandwidth Service offer is backed by service level agreements to ensure that the service is up and running and that maintenance is on hand at all times at no extra cost.
  • Dedicated High Speed Internet Tailored to your specific needs.
  • Always ON Connected at your convenience, and unlimited access.
  • Value for Money No need for a separate Internet Service Provider.
  • Total Solution Delivery inclusive of dedicated support.
For more information and inquires regarding MTN Internet Bandwidth, contact our Sales team on 0312 120 066 or 0312 120 060