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MTN Leased Lines

MTN Leased Line is a dedicated data circuit service that offers high speed and secure transmission of data via a point-to-point connection. Many businesses need to transmit data securely from their main office station to other business points of presence and vice versa.
MTN Leased Lines are particularly suitable for businesses that need to transfer large amounts of confidential or sensitive information from different points of presence because they provide a direct connection.
Leased Lines maintain an “open” circuit at all times, as opposed to traditional telephone services that reuse the same lines for many different conversations through a process called “switching”.
MTN Leased Lines are reliable, efficient and offer you an unlimited capacity to transmit sensitive data; connecting locations for private voice and-or data telecommunication service through customer equipment.
As a total telecommunications provider, the MTN network gives businesses access to innovative services that are designed to enhance business efficiency, profitability and productivity. Using a leased line, MTN will provide data connectivity between your organisation and any affiliate companies local or international.
The MTN network supports provision of dedicated data circuits nationally, regionally and internationally.
MTN Leased Line offer is backed by service level agreements to ensure that the service is up and running and that maintenance support is on hand at all times, delivering information to you and your team to keep in sync.
  • Security A secure medium for transmission of highly sensitive data, as does not link to the internet, but provides a point-to-point connection.
  • Connectivity ‘Always on’ and offers office branches and points overcoming geographical distance efficiently.
  • Value for Money A flat monthly subscription with no hidden costs.
For more information and inquires regarding MTN Leased Lines, contact our Sales team on 0312 120 066 or 0312 120 060