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MTN Corporate Top-Up

Enjoy low call tariffs and manage your communication budget by settling bills monthly.


MTN Corporate Top-Up is an innovative product that allows you to manage your spend better while enjoying
preferential rates. With MTN Corporate Top-Up you set your own spend limit and settle your bills conveniently with
one easy payment at the beginning of the month. This service is ideal for companies that want to manage their
staff accounts thus giving you predictable spend on your communication service with MTN.

  • Cost control - get the best of both worlds; preferential rates as postpaid customers and cost control.
  • Manage your communications budget better with spend limits
  • Settle your bills conveniently with one payment at the beginning of the month.
  • Choose a favourable option with our tariff plans; Top-Up standard & Top-Up flat rate
  • Stay connected by loading airtime should your spend limit be reached
  • Roam in East Africa with MTN Home & Away on your MTN number and at your home rates
  • With MTN Corporate Top-Up, you have the option of loading airtime credits and continuing to enjoy preferential rates.