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MTN promises you World-class Internet, giving you access to endless possibilities and the freedom to pursue your professional and personal dreams anywhere, everywhere.

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Internet Options Description
MTN 4G The first of its kind in Uganda and the region, MTN launched its high speed 4G LTE network that will bring data speeds up to 15 times faster than our current average download speed of 1Mbps on our 3G network and 2 times faster the 3G+ network. This means download speeds between 2Mbps - 100Mbps when using compatible devices.

For the customer, this means you can download large files in no time at all, stream music videos and HD movies without buffering and you are able to upload pictures with no delays. MTN LTE will forever change your experience.

MTN currently offers various devices and the MTN 4G LTE data dongle that are all compatible with our 4G network.
Internet Me2U Internet Me2U is a service that enables MTN customers to send a portion of their Internet bundle to another MTN customer.
MTN 3G+ MTN 3G+ is the next generation of network using DC-HSPA+ (Dual Carrier-High Speed Packet Access) technology designed to deliver faster World-class Internet download speeds than ever before.  

Expected download speeds are up to eight times faster than the 3G average download speed of 1Mpbs. Speeds will vary due to a range of factors including the device type, areas where the MTN 3G+ network is activated, peak and off-peak usage times and distance from the nearest base station.

Under 3G+ plus, the MTN network has evolved from 7.2Mbps in 2010, 14.4Mbps, 21.6Mbps in 2012 and now to the incredible speeds of up to 42.Mbps that we were the first ever network to launch in Uganda in early 2013. 
MTN HotSpot MTN HotSpot gives customers with WiFi enabled devices access to the Internet. The service is available to all

MTN or non MTN customers as long as you have a WiFi enabled device, enough airtime, are registered and are in an area with MTN HotSpot coverage.
MTN 2G (GPRS & EDGE) The entire MTN Uganda network is 2G compatible, which means that as a customer, you can access (with a good measure of success) the Internet anywhere in Uganda where there is the MTN network
MTN Mobile Internet
Enjoy World-class Internet with MTN. Our network - 2G (GPRS, EDGE), 3G+ HSDPA (7.2Mbps, 14.4Mbps, 21.6Mbps and 42Mbps) and 4G LTE ensures that you’ve got access to your email, browsing, downloading and social networking 24/7.