Fixed Lines
Public Access


MTN Public Access

MTN promises a world with endless possibilities giving you the freedom to choose the communication solution that best suits your lifestyle.

Plan Name Description
MTN EasyTalk

With MTN EasyTalk a customer gets a chance to own and have an MTN number without actually owning a Mobile handset. 

MTN PayPhone

MTN PayPhone is a business in a box enabling entrepreneurs to flexibly sell call units to the public. Due to its mobility, MTN payphone can be located anywhere within MTN’s Network coverage thereby ensuring that all Ugandans have access to telecommunication services wherever they may be.

MTN Call Boxes
MTN Call boxes are easily identified as fixed or mobile bright yellow booths situated conveniently across the country. The bright yellow booths can be found fitted against a wall, on a pedestal or even a cycle (either tri or quad cycle).
MTN VillagePhone

Extending telecommunications access to rural villages across Uganda