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Calling International

No matter how far away they are you can still keep in touch for as long as you want, whenever you want. MTN International Calling allows you to make voice calls from Uganda to any other country in world.
How to
When dialing out of Uganda, all you need to do is
  • Dial starting with the prefix + or outgoing code 000
  • Followed by the destination country code
  • Then the number required, minus the first zero
If you wanted to call your friend, family or business associate in London whose number is 0208xxxxxxx, you would dial + (prefix) 44 (code for the United Kingdom) 208xxxxxxx (the number, minus the first 0) i.e. +44 208xxxxxxx
Or if calling a Uganda number while roaming abroad
You can either dial the number in local format e.g. 077xxxxxxx or in international format e.g. +256 77xxxxxxx
PayAsYouGo customers
Your account is preset active to allow for International Calling. So unless your account has been barred from making international calls and provided you have sufficient airtime, you can make an international call right now!
Pay Monthly customers
Your account is preset active to allow for International Calling on payment of the standard deposit. If your account is barred, you will need to send us an official letter of approval to activate your account in order to make international calls.  
International call rates apply.