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Having your very own personal assistant has never been easier or cheaper, taking your calls and enabling you to receive messages when you are unable to take your calls. MTN VoicEmail ensures that you receive your messages anyway you like: on your phone or remotely from another phone, via email by automatically forwarding your voice messages to your email inbox and also enabling you to listen to your messages on the web.
With simplicity and innovation only MTN VoicEmail gives you a phone and fax on one number. You can now access your messages through the internet or Email remotely even when out of the country. All you need is access to the internet, email or any other phone number.
Your VoicEmail box is PIN code protected. In order to access your mailbox from the internet or from another number you will need this PIN code.
MTN VoicEMail also enables you to receive faxes using your number.
  • Always available
  • Simple
  • Receive Faxes conveniently
Retrieving MTN VoicEmail
  • Dial 100 and follow the prompts.
  • Check your voicemail using another number by simply dialing 0771 001 000 or +256 771 001 000 if international and entering your PIN.
  • Online access via MyMTN by simply clicking here
Your mailbox has a maximum of 25 messages. New unheard messages will stay in your box for a maximum of 30 days then will automatically be deleted thereafter.
Receive Fax
MTN VoicEmail enables you to receive faxes using your mobile number. Additionally these faxes can automatically be forwarded to another fax number or they can be viewed and printed via the web.
Activate by SMS request: ON to 100
Deactivate by SMS request: OFF to 100
This can also be done using the MTN Menu on your phone.
Additional Features
Change Greeting Dial 110
Change Password Dial 120 and follow the prompts
Quick Listen Dial 111
FREE to retrieve on your MTN number.
Call rates apply if calling from another number.