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FAQs - MTN Elite

1.    What is MTN Elite?

This is an exclusive recognition and reward program made available to our valued and loyal customers.

2.    How can I access MTN Elite?
MTN Elite is exclusive, limited and open to MTN customers upon invitation only.

3.    What are the benefits of MTN Elite?
The benefits include a personal relationship manager, priority access at MTN Service Centres and Call Centres, free phones.
You will also enjoy special offers and discounts with our selected partners including hotels, restaurants, airlines and car rentals and more.

4.    How do I access the benefits?
All members are issued with an MTN Elite card to be used for identification when accessing benefits both at MTN and with the partners.

5.    Is the MTN Elite card a means of payment?
The MTN Elite card is for identification in order to access the MTN Elite benefits. It is not a debit or credit card. It is not a means of payment.

6.    How long is my MTN Elite membership?

Your membership to MTN Elite is for a period of 2 years from the date that it is issued. At the end of the 2 year period members will have to qualify again as per the MTN Elite criteria.

7.    Can I exchange the benefits given for something else?
The MTN Elite benefits can not be exchanged for cash, prizes, credit or anything else.

8.    Can I share or transfer my benefits to my friends and family?
MTN Elite benefits are exclusive to members only. They can’t be transferred or shared.

Additional Info.

For details including terms and conditions please visit www.mtn.co.ug/elite