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Voice Chat is a service that allows mobile subscribers to chat anonymously with their peers across the network using IVR. The intuitive, dynamic menu makes Voice Chat an exhilarating experience. 

How to use register for Voice Chat service 
  1. Dial short code 145.
  2. Create your profile by answering simple questions regarding age, sex, location, etc.
  3. Record a short bio-profile on yourself for others to hear and choose from;
  4. On successful registration an SMS indicating your Chat ID is sent to you

How to use the Voice Chat service once you are registered
  1. Dials IVR Short code 145.
  2. You are given the option of listening to already created profiles or editing your own profile or allowing or disallowing people from being able to call
  3. If you choose to hear profiles; while listening to profiles you can speak directly to the person with that profile by pressing 1.
  4. After selecting the profile to call, the desired profile is called. The number the person you are calling will see is your chat ID. You can then start talking to the called person.
  5. After a call is disconnected, you will receive each others’ call IDs e.g. 145XXXXXABCDEFG for future conversation.
  6. Anytime anybody (even people without an ID themselves) can dial any ID, to be able to talk except if the chat ID is blocked.


 Service  Cost
 Chatting/Browsing charges  UGX 3
 Daily subscription  UGX 120
 Weekly Subscription Charge  UGX 800
 Monthly Subscription Charge  UGX 2,500