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MTN SMS Rates & Bundles

For on-network texting, nothing beats MTN SMS Bundles!

Day and night, you pay as little 3.5/- for up to 100 Messages or 5/- for up to 50 messages.

Dial *140*4# to activate a bundle.

 Daily SMS Bundle Rate per SMS
 50 Messages
 100 Messages

 Standard SMS/MMS  Time Rate
8am - 9pm 100/-
9pm - 8am Mon - Fri, all day Saturday,  Sunday and Public Holidays
MTN to other Networks All day

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What has changed about the SMS rates?
    • The MTN to MTN SMS at peak hours has come down from 110/- to 100/-.
    • The MTN to MTN SMS at off-peak hours has gone up from 50/- to 65/-.
    • The MTN to Other networks rate has stayed at 130/- for both peak & off-peak.

  2. What do you mean by Peak and Off-peak hours?
    • Peak hours refers to the time of day between 8am – 9pm.
    • Off-peak hours refers to the time of day between 9pm – 8am.
    • Weekends and gazette public holiday are categorized as off-peak hours/ days.

  3. What are the benefits of the new SMS rates?
    • The new rates now also apply directly to MMS. You can now MMS at the same rate as sending an SMS.
  4.  To which MTN tariff plans do the new rates apply?

    • All Prepaid customers including those on MTN Zone, MTN Per second and MTN Per minute.
    • All Corporate, Talk Time, Fixed Line, Pay Phone and Village phone subscribers.

  5. What bundles are available for SMS?
    • 250/- bundle offering you 50 SMS’ (5/- per SMS)
    • 350/- bundle offering you 100 SMS’ (3.5/- per SMS)

  6. Can I activate multiple bundles at the same time?
    • Yes. You can activate as many as desired and in any combination i.e. activate both a 50-SMS and 100-SMS bundle giving you a total of the 150 SMS.
    • The validity of your bundle(s) is determined by the activation time of your last bundle e.g. if you activate a 50-SMS bundle at 11am (which expires at 11am the next day) and then you activate a 100-SMS bundle at 12pm, then the validity of the total 150 SMS is 12pm the next day.

  7. For how long can I use the bundle?
    • The bundles are valid for 24 hours from the time you opt in to any of them.

  8. How can I opt into the bundles?
    • Simply dial *140*4# and make your choice from any of the 2 bundles on offer.
  9. Do the bundles also apply to MMS? 
    • No. The bundles are only applicable to SMS.

  10. For what transactions are the SMS bundles valid?
    • SMS bundles are only valid for MTN to MTN SMS messaging.
For any further inquiries or assistance call the MTN General Helpline 100 or visit a nearby MTN Service Centre.