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Text Messaging

This is a Short Message Service (SMS) that enables you to send short non-intrusive text messages (limited to 160 characters) to any applicable mobile phone or SMS capable device, nationally and internationally. When you’re busy and can’t talk (or want to conserve your airtime), but need to spread the word, SMS is your answer for that short quick burst of information sharing.
How to
SMS is available to all MTN users. All MTN SIM cards are preset with the MTN Service Centre Number: +256771100020 embedded on the card. For information on how to access the service from your particular handset, please consult your device instruction manual.
Sending an SMS
  • Select Messages on your phone
  • Then select New Message
You can also send messages directly to your contacts from the MTN Website service, WebSMS
Receiving an SMS
On receiving a message your phone will alert you when you’ve received a new SMS. It may also prompt you to read the new message; simply follow the on-screen instructions.