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Twitter SMS

Tweet through text messaging on your phone!
Did you know you can stay informed on twitter with FREE push messages as well as perform certain actions, like following or marking a friend's update as a favorite, by using the designated Twitter commands?
To activate the service simply send SMS request: START to 179

To deactivate the service simply send SMS request: STOP to 179
How to
Get tweeting by simply sending your message to update your twitter status e.g. Great day to tweet! to 179

or Use the feature actions to do more as follows:
 Action Command Instruction
 on username Turn on notifications for a specific user e.g: on alissa
 follow username Start following a specific user, and receive notifications e.g: follow jerry
 @username + message Reply to a specific user directly e.g: @meangrape I love that song too!
 d username + message Direct Message: sends a specific user a private message e.g: d krissy get a Jamba Juice for me while you're there?
 leave username Stop receiving notifications for a specific user e.g: leave jerry
 off username Turn off notifications for a specific user e.g: off blaine
 Help For information on twitter SMS
NOTE: For more information please refer to: support.twitter.com/sms 
Sending an SMS costs UGX110