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FAQs – MTN LifeCare.

General Product Questions

1.    What is MTN LifeCare?
MTN LifeCare is a Life Insurance service for you and your family. The service ensures that your loved ones receive financial help when you are no longer around.

2.    How can I register for MTN LifeCare?
Simply dial *221# and select Register for Insurance. After Registering, you then dial the same code *221# and select Policy Management so that you can enter the details of the beneficiary of your insurance policy. When this has been done, you now dial the Mobile Money Code *165# and select Payments in order to pay the premium via Mobile Money. There is no paperwork involved.

3.    Is anyone eligible to register or is it for specific people?
Any MTN customer between the ages of 18 and 65 is eligible to subscribe for this service.

4.    Who can be my beneficiary?
Anyone you choose. However they must have a registered MTN Mobile Money Number on which the compensation shall be deposited at the time of making a claim upon death of the insured.

5.    How much does it cost to insure with Lifecare?
There are 3 cover packages namely: The Silver package which costs  8,500/- covering 12 months of which compensation to the beneficiary upon your departure is 1m/-, the Gold package which costs 16,500/- and the beneficiary gets 3m/- upon your departure, and the Platinum package which costs 24,500/- and the beneficiary gets paid 5m/-.

6.    How long does this subscription last and can I upgrade my benefit limit in the course of the scheme period?
The subscription lasts 12 months from the time of registration and upgrade can only be made after the 12 months.

7.    What’s the procedure for claiming compensation?
In the event of death of the subscriber or policy holder, the beneficiary must immediately contact Jubilee Insurance on 0312 178 800 to notify them of the death. The beneficiary will be required to obtain a death certificate or LC letter confirming the death. This letter must be signed by the head of the deceased’s faith and after deliver it to either Jubilee Insurance offices or to an MTN service center which will then send the documents to Jubilee Insurance head office. Once approved, Jubilee Insurance will remit the benefits directly to the beneficiary via MTN Mobile Money within 48 hours.

8.    What else do I need to know about Lifecare?
MTN LifeCare is the most affordable, secure and guaranteed way to help you and your family in the event that you pass on. For more information you can visit any MTN Service Center Countrywide or visit www.mtn.co.ug/mobilemoney or www.jubileeinsurance.com .

More details are contained in the downloadable documents below.
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