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FAQs: Street Parking Fee Payment With Multiplex


1.    What is Multiplex Uganda?

  • Multiplex Uganda Limited is the company contracted by Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to manage street parking in Kampala.
  • Multiplex has now entered into Partnership with MTN where car owners and drivers will now be able to pay for their parking fees using MTN Mobile Money.

2.    Do I need to be registered on Mobile Money to make the payment?

  • Yes. You can only make payments to Multiplex when registered on MTN Mobile Money.

3.    How do I make multiplex payments?

  • Dial *165#, select “Fees & Taxes”, then “Multiplex” and proceed to enter your car registration number, Amount and then PIN.

4.    Do I need to have an Account with Multiplex?

  • No. One does not need an Account with Multiplex. All you need is a Car Registration Number.

5.    What is my Registration Number?

  • Your Registration Number is your car Number Plate.

6.    Do I need to type my Registration Number in Capital letters?

  • It doesn’t matter whether capital or small letters. All you have to ensure is entering the right Registration Number.

7.    What is the minimum amount I can pay with Multiplex?

  • You can pay a minimum of Ushs. 1,000 to Multiplex

8.    Can I use Mobile Money to buy Multiplex Tickets?

  • No. You do not need to pay for a physical parking ticket. Once you conclude your payment through Mobile Money, Multiplex will receive and acknowledge the payment in their system.

9.    What Multiplex Fees am I able to pay with this service?

  • Currently you can only pay your outstanding or overdue Multiplex bill using Mobile Money. You cannot pre-pay e.g. you cannot pay for monthly parking

10.    Can I pay using another person’s phone?

  • Yes. You can pay using another Person’s number provided you enter your Car Registration Number.

11.    Do I get a receipt to confirm my payment?

  • No. However, you will receive an SMS from MTN and Multiplex confirming payment.

12.    What happens if I pay for a wrong registration number?

  • In case you made a wrong payment, kindly visit any Multiplex office for assistance.

13.    What are the charges for the payment?