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Kenya Airways Ticket Payment

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I pay for my Kenya Airways ticket using MTN Mobile Money?

    STEP 1:   Either Call, e-mail or visit a KQ office and get a Reference number for your booking Or make your booking directly on the KQ website from where you will get a Reference  number. (Please ensure you also get the actual fare for journey in Uganda Shillings)

    STEP 2: Go to your Mobile Money menu and follow these prompts/ steps;
    • •    Dial *165#
      •    Select Payments
      •    Select Travel
      •    Select Airlines
      •    Select Kenya Airways
      •    Enter your Booking Reference
      •    Enter your PIN
    • You will then receive a message from the MTN Mobile Money system confirming payment.

      Your ticket is now booked/ paid for.  You can get your ticket at any KQ office or receive it via  email if you provide your address at reservation.

      For additional details, please visit the MTN website: www.mtn.co.ug or the Kenya Airways Website: www.kenya-airways.com

  2. How do I know the transaction was successful?

    A message notification confirming successful transaction shall be sent to you in real time showing transaction ID, Company name, reference number and your Mobile Money balance.

  3. How much am I charged?

    Transaction    Tier (Ushs)    
    Min                Max            Fee
    500         -      2,500          110
    2,501      -      5,000          140
    5,001      -      15,000         500
    15,001     -     30,000         500
    30,001     -     45,000         500
    45,001      -     60,000        550
    60,001      -    125,000       660
    125,001    -    250,000        950
    250,001    -    500,000       1,250
    500,001    -    1,000,000     3,200
    1,000,001  -    2,000,000    5,500
    2,000,001  -    4,000,000    10,000

  4. Who incurs the Mobile Money transaction charge when paying for the ticket?

    The customer incurs the charge.

  5. Can the customer send money to a wrong code?

    This is not possible as codes are created uniquely. A wrong code will show error message “invalid code”.

  6. Can MTN reverse a wrong transaction?

    Yes, upon authorization from Kenya Airways.

  7. What do I do if I don’t have a Pay Bill Menu?

    Call MTN Customer Helpline 100 or send mail to customerservice@mtn.co.ug

  8. Can I pay for my ticket if am not registered on Mobile Money?

    No. The service is only available to registered Mobile Money customers.

  9. What do I do in case my transaction has not been successful?

    Call the MTN Helpline 100, or the Kenya Airways Sales office on 0312 360000.