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LifeCare Transaction Flows with MTN Mobile Money

1.     Dial *221# to Register for Insurance
  • Select “1” for Register for Insurance
  • Select “1, 2, or 3” for choice of product
  • Enter the Date of Birth (ddmmyyyy)
  • Enter full name (first name/ last name)
  • Enter the beneficiary full name
  • Enter Beneficiary Tel. No.
  • Choose four digit Insurance PIN No.
  • Customer confirms registration details
  • Customer receives SMS notification from M-Insurance and Mobile Money
  • If some mandatory information is missing, the customer receives an SMS requesting to provide the missing information.

2.   Dial *221# to pay for Insurance

  • Customer selects either “1” to pay for own cover or “2” to pay for another person’s insurance cover
  • Customer is prompted to enter Insurance PIN number, when the pay for own cover is selected. When the pay for another person’s cover is selected, the customer is prompted to enter the policy number of the other person.
  • Customer is prompted to confirm the payment process. Customer replies with “1” Yes or ‘’2” No.
  • If customer confirms the payment process, the mobile money bill pay notification message appears to the user. Customer proceeds to pay for the cover.
  • Customer receives SMS notifications from Mobile Money and M-Insurance for payment confirmation.

3. Product Information
  • Customer replies “1,2 or 3” to display the product information of Silver Life, Gold Life Cover, and platinum life cover.
  • Customer replies with “4” to view the Terms and Conditions
  • Customer replies with “5” to view the Claims Process

4. Policy Management
  •  Customer can view the Insurance cover details by replying with “1” your policy details
  • Customer can change his/her beneficiary by replying with “2” change beneficiary Information. Customer is first prompted to enter the insurance PIN number, if the PIN number is correct the customer is prompted to enter the new beneficiary full name and the telephone number.
  • Customer can renew cover after the expiry date by replying with “3” Renew Policy.
  • If a customer forgets the PIN No., the customer can change the PIN No. by replying with “4” Forgot PIN. The customer is prompted to capture the beneficiary Telephone Number. If the beneficiary number is correct the customer is the allowed to choose a four digit PIN number and confirm the PIN number.
  • Customer can cancel an active policy by replying with “5” Cancel policy. Customer is first prompted to reply with the Insurance PIN number. If the PIN is correct the customer receives a prompt to confirm the cancellation process.  
  • One week before the end of the subscription, the customer receives an SMS informing him that his subscription is coming to an end on 2013-xx-xx and that he should renew his subscription using the USSD menu *221#

More details are contained in the downloadable documents below.

  1. Mobile Money Insurance Rates
  2. MTN Life Care Claim Form
  3. MTN Life Care LC1 Letter Reporting Death
  4. MTN Life Care Standard Policy