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MTN Mobile Money

MTN Mobile Money is an electronic wallet service that enables you to send and receive money anywhere in Uganda using your phone. Virtual Banking, bridging the gap to the un-banked.
MTN Mobile Money provides a fast, secure, affordable and convenient way to send money to anyone on their mobile phone anywhere in Uganda no matter the network.
This service is available to every MTN Mobile customer.
  • Send money to any MTN mobile phone user; registered or not.
  • Send money to mobile phone users on other local networks.
  • Send money to non-mobile phone users nationwide.
  • Withdraw cash at any authorised MTN MobileMoney agent.
  • Pay your utility bill conveniently with immediate results.
  • Buy airtime for yourself or someone else directly and conveniently.
  • Manage your MTN MobileMoney account.
  • Send and receive money from outside the country
  • Pay School Fees
  • Pay for goods and services from a range of businesses
  • Play the national lottery
When you receive money from another MTN Mobile Money user, you can choose to withdraw at an authorised agent or send it to someone else.
Getting started
  1. You will firstly need to upgrade your SIM card to one that is MobileMoney enabled by process of a SIM Swap, visit any authorised MTN Mobile Money agent
  2. Then the agent will take you through the FREE registration process
  3. Fill out a registration form
  4. Make sure to have an original and a photocopy of any of these identification documents: Valid Passport, Driver’s License, Company ID, Government ID, Tax Certificate, LC Certificate, Voter’s Card 
  5. Complete registration and open an account with a balance of UGX 0
Mobile Money Subscriber Registration Form

Fill out the attached form and drop it at the nearest MTN service point with a copy of your ID and passport photograph. Alternatively email a scanned copy of the form together with your ID and passport photograph to register@mtn.co.ug   
Click here to download the form

How to
Load Mobile Money
Provide the following at a authorised MTN Mobile Money Agent:
  • Your MTN mobile number, which doubles as your MTN Mobile Money account number
  • The amount of money you wish to credit onto your Mobile Money account
  • Your ID document
You will receive confirmation via SMS that your account has been credited.
Send Mobile Money
Sending money to another mobile user (MTN or any other network):
  • Go to MTN Menu in your phone menu and select MobileMoney
  • Select Send Money To and follow the prompts
You and your recipient will receive an SMS notification with the transaction detail.  
Withdraw MobileMoney 
Mobile Money can ONLY be withdrawn from an authorised MTN MobileMoney agent.
As a registered MTN Mobile Money recipient you will have to provide the agent with:
  • Your Mobile Money account number
  • Your ID document
  • The amount you wish to withdraw
The Agent will initiate the withdrawal, and you will receive a message on your phone requesting you to withdraw by in putting your MM PIN, then you and the agent will receive an SMS notification with the transaction detail.
As a non-registered MTN Mobile Money recipient will have to provide the agent with:
  • An appropriate identification document
  • A token number
Then personally enter the secret code into the agent’s phone
Pay Bill
Pay your bill through MobileMoney to settle a utility payment (as such DStv):
  • Go to MTN Menu in your phone menu and select MobileMoney
  • Select Pay Bill
  • Select DStv
  • Enter your DStv Smartcard number (11 digits)
  • Enter your bouquet package amount
  • Enter your PIN and Confirm
Buy Airtime
Buying MTN airtime for yourself or someone else, purchase as low as UGX 50 worth of airtime:
  • Go to MTN Menu in your phone menu and select MobileMoney
  • Select Buy and follow the prompts
You and your recipient will receive a confirmation SMS of the completed transaction.

Extra MTN MobileMoney features include managing your account:
  1. Balance Check  
  2. Mini-Statement