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Paying school fees with MTN Mobile Money
MTN MobileMoney FAQs

MTN has partnered with Umeme to offer a more convenient electricity bill payment platform in the form of the MTN Mobile Money Umeme Payment.

The MTN Umeme Touch Pay product will enable a user to pay up his/ her electricity bill using the mobile money platform on their mobile phone.

How do i pay using Umeme Touch Pay?

To enjoy the service, a subscriber should go to their Mobile Money menu and respond to the following prompts:
    •    Dial *165#
    •    Select Payments
    •    Select Utilities
    •    Select Umeme Touch Pay
    •    Select Either Bill Pay or Yaka
    •    Enter Either your Account Number your Meter Number (If paying for Yaka)
    •    Enter Amount
    •    Enter your PIN
    •    You will receive a confirmation message.
    •    You have to be a registered MTN Mobile customer with sufficient funds on your account.
What are the charges for paying through Mobile Money?

Click To Download The Mobile Money Tariff Guide

With this new product, MTN is delighted to save its customers in the following ways;
  • Travelling long distances and queuing for long periods when paying the bills. You can now pay using your mobile phone even while at your office desk or while in the comfort of your home.

  • Customers who keep a float/ balance on their Mobile Money account will be saved from electricity disconnection during emergency in case of delayed bill payment.

    • SCENARIO I: An Umeme agent arrives at your home to effect a disconnection order. The MTN     customer simply pays the bill off their phone in front of the agent, and the matter is         sorted there and then.
    • SCENARIO II: A maid calls from home, the customer at the comfort of their workplace will     simply pay off the bill using part of his available Mobile money float and will then call the     Umeme     service center to advice the disconnecting agent to leave.
  • Affordability: The cost of paying by MTN Mobile Money is in most cases substantially cheaper than travelling to an Umeme center or paying 2,000 as bank charges even after incurring some moderate travel cost to the nearest bank.